The Troy Trails & Pathways Community Website

Fueled by necessity and inspired by a changing population, economy and region, the City of Troy has determined it must cope with the realities of the 21st century. —2008 Troy's Master Plan

Today in Troy every neighborhood has a network of roads and sidewalks, and every neighborhood has a market of folks that experience the same common problems related to our current transit developments—parents feeling that their children cannot walk or bike to school safely, older adults becoming housebound and lonely when they can no longer drive, obesity rates rising because people have fewer places to walk and bike—these are just a few of the topics facing the city of Troy today.

The Troy Trails online community website is designed to function as a local social-networking solution focused on the city’s trails & pathway developments.

With this local networking tool our members are able dicsuss transit topics and solutions while fording a rich library of information relevant to local trails & pathways.

Currently the site is setup for the Troy Trails & Pathways Committee Members & Local Trail Minded Citizens.

The site is an NGO, Non-Governmental Organization. is powered by Olympia Neworks. Olympia Networks provides scaleble public & private social-networking solutions for businesses and communities.